Our philosophy is one of radical humanism. We think that the act of channelling life through the use of masks, puppets, magic and performing objects is a powerful antidote to the effects of globalisation that so often  reduce people to objects and that this makes them ideal tools to use against dehumanisation.

Our aim has been establish a unique place as an international centre specialising in mask, mime, puppetry and physical theatre. The Centre will eventually house a larger theatre, interactive museum, and education institute  Our policy is to create greater opportunities for children and families to become involved with one of the most ancient and popular art forms, and to encourage involvement in cultural animation projects, based on public participation and cultural democracy. The Centre has a strong commitment to social issues, access, outreach and education work.

The Centre continues to consolidate its base on a number of fronts both as a social enterprise and as a destination venue.  The artistic remit is broad, but given the nature of the current audience, work centres on children, family and school groups. This is by no means to the exclusion of other areas, artistically, nationally or internationally. An essential part of the Centre’s remit is to broaden the knowledge, familiarity, understanding and enjoyment of puppetry for all.

We strive to unite theory and practice (Gk. praxis) in the interests of promoting skill sharing, active mutual collaboration and sound educational training. In the words of Plato “let your children’s education take the form of play” or to echo the sentiment of renowned Polish puppet theatre designer, Adam Kilian, “kindle the joy of life even in a stick”.