Art Centre

Mask and Puppet Theatre is a synthesis point for all art forms in microcosm. The Centre has always encouraged cross-art form collaborations and intercultural exchanges where many different creative skills and mediums can come together to create something new. Similarly it has always been a place where artists from different disciplines can meet to share ideas and exchange sk

Older than the wheel, the bow or the harpoon masks and puppets have always relied in equal measure upon craft and performance. In order to move freely between workshops and theatre we have located our production and design workshops on one dedicated site. The combination of mask studio, carving workshop & wood store, teaching and training workshop, film and FX studio provide the engine for the development of the design and craft skills required to do the work.

Our building-based Art Centre is made up of the following elements:

  • an annual public programme of shows, workshops and events
  • a museum and documentation centre for collections and archives
  • an education unit including research library and audio-visual collection

These are some of the artforms that we work with:-