Show Parties


Parties booked before or after a show include party food followed by party games and the show. We also give the children a party bag to take away, containing sweets, normally something chocolatey, a lollypop and another packet of sweets. We ask that a minimum of two adults, are present with the party children at all times and that the parents bring the birthday cake.

The cost of the party is £5.00 per child, which includes all the party food, party bag and games. Ticket prices for the show are normally £5.95 for adults and £5.95 for children. The combined box office ticket & party price for groups of 10< children is £10.95 per child and for groups of 10+ children £10.50 (children’s show tickets are discounted too £5.50 if 10+ children).

Size wise the maximum number of children is 35. Parties here generally average out at 12 -20 children and 2-4 adults.

Parties with a guaranteed number of 30+ children and 8 accompanying adults minimum or 20 children and 20 accompanying adults minimum, we prefer to put on a separate show just for you to have as a private party.


Party food provided by SMPC is normally  triangular sandwiches, cheese and ham, vegetable sweets – carrot and cucumber, tomatoes or strawberries, grapes, juice, crisps and or popcorn and party rings and or chocolate fingers. All you have to remember is to bring the cake and the kids 🙂


We give a party bag to take away at the end, containing sweets; something chocolate, a lollypop and another packet of sweets.

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Please contact Sarah Lee for further information, date and time availability or to book a party – 0141 339 6185 /