Our clowning and comedy connections include work with Mel Donald, Magic Bob, Blueboat Theatre (Mark Pencak); and currently working in partnership with Mr Giggles and Clive Andrews. Their shows regularly punctuate the mask and puppet programme and maintain a steadfast relationship with that sector of children’s and family entertainment that is dedicated to clowning.

Equally we have maintained common links with Commedia dell Arte (comedy of skills) through Adriano Iurissevich of Venezia InScena, Dr. David Griffiths of Leeds and Ninian Kinnier-Wilson of Liverpool. All the European puppet folk heroes are also rooted in traditions of clowning and comedy: Punch & Judy, Policinelle, Pulcinella, Kaspar, Tchanches, Dom Roberto, Vitez Lazlo, Petroushka, Karaghiozis and Karagoz.