Museum Collections

Scottish Mask & Puppet Centre is home to renowned series of unique museum collections and archives of national and international significance related to contemporary mask and puppet theatre. These include the following:


  • The Miles Lee Collection (Scotland) of Puppets and Marionettes 1930-1961
  • The Caricature Theatre Collection (Wales) 1964-1984
  • The Dr. Ian Morrison Collection of Puppets & Puppet Memorabilia
  • The Iain Smith (Scotland) Collection
  • The Gordon McCrae (Scotland) Collection
  • The Aileen Hunter Collection of Carnival Masks
  • The Pak Asep Sunander Sunarya Collection (Java) of Wayang Golek
  • The Mary Norman Collection of Puppets & Marionettes
  • The Rostov State Puppet Collection (Russia)
  • The L.K.Barnard Collection of Puppets, Marionettes, Paintings, Poems & Archive
  • Punch & Judy sets: Fred Tickner, Harry Vernon, Vince Shackleton & George Peat
  • The Dr. Malcolm Knight Collection of Puppets and Masks
  • The Nohzin-kai Collection of Masks, Puppets & Tools for Noh Theatre
  • The Ninian Kinnier-Wilson Collection of  Commedia Masks
  • The Dr.Edward Argent Mask Collection
  • Greek & Roman Theatre Masks made by Malcolm Knight