During the past 27 years SMPC has undertaken masterclasses in a wide variety of different areas. Some highlights have included Commedia Mask-Making in Leather (Ninian Kinnier Wilson and Malcolm Knight), Marionette Carving (John and Lyndie Wright), Welfare State International Summer School, Wayang Topeng Mask Dance (I Nyoman Wenten), Guignol (Theatre Guignol de Paris), Karagoz (Taccedin Diker), Wayang Golek (Pak Asep Sunander Sunarya), Wayang Kulit  (Joko Susilo and Matthew Cohen), Kathakali Colours, Shapes and Forms (Kala Chetena Kathaklali Company), Ramayana Shadow Theatre (Mahipat and Leela Kavi), Kathputli Puppets (Puran Bhat) and Marionette Tricks of The Trade (Ken Barnard).

In 2012-13 to celebrate 350 years of Mr Punch we intend to hold a masterclass in Punch & Judy (date and time to be confirmed) to be led by an eminent practitioner. Watch this space for more details.