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newtheatre350THE DEPOT: As many of you will know our little theatre plays to many full houses, so our charity has decided to convert our existing store areas on site into a new studio space called The Depot – which will be used for theatre, dance, mime, TV, film recording and community use.

To achieve this we have a set up a campaign to raise projected costs of £300,000 and we are delighted to announce that Creative Scotland in Dec 2012 awarded us £100,000 towards the project from their small capital grant fund.CS_Lottery_HI_bwsmall

We are now working towards raising the remaining partnership funds. Click on the architect’s plans below to view how the theatre will look in the future.

If you would like to lend your support however big or small it will be much appreciated. To date our in-house public donation box has raised over £1,000.00 thank you to everyone who has generously contributed. You can donate online through Just Giving:

Donate with JustGiving


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