Puppeteers Across Scotland
A free listing service promoting Scottish puppet companies, organisations, festivals, makers, sales outlets for potential bookers and venues. This service is updated twice yearly, and sent to individual bookers, libraries, community organisations and arts contacts. It contains details of repertoires of shows, age range suitability, prices, and individual company contact addresses.

SMPC is a Puppet Centre working for puppeteers! Please send us your up-to-date details and an appropriate publicity photograph if you are setting up a new company in Scotland and wish to be included.

Mask and Puppet News
A quarterly newsletter with articles, events listings, and everything pertaining to the Centre. Feature articles are usually commissioned on different subjects. Details of Puppeteers Day (June), Summer Masterclasses, Public Benefits, and Training Courses, and International Collaborations. Available on Membership Subscription.

Starting A Puppet Company
A guide to starting a puppet company complete with survey of the contemporary Scottish scene: the importance of a working philosophy; outline to company formation formats; introduction to funding and capitalisation strategies; advisory notes on touring and touring agencies; bibligraphy of arts administration sources and support agencies. Tips from the pros! Written by Malcolm Knight.

Festival Agenda
A quarterly listing by The International Federation of Centres for Puppetry Arts of world festivals of puppets,masks and performing objects (there are more than 150 festivals per year).Festivals are outlined according to country, town and content in date order. They are also classified according to audience focus, indoor or outdoor, national or international focus. An ideal listing for those involved in planning international touring diaries and visits. This guide is also issued with a database listing of names, addresses, contact telephone/fax/and e.mail numbers.

Contemporary Theatre Review (Vol 1, Number 1) 1992.

A special edition of this international journal – Volume 1, Number 1 – from 1991-2, edited by Malcolm Knight on The Soviet-British UNIMA Conference held in Glasgow in 1989. Published by Harwood Academic Publishers. George Speaight on Petrushka and Punch, Anna Nekrilova on Home Puppetry in Pre-Revolutionary Russia, Natalia Raitarivskaya on The Oriental Roots of Soviet Rod Puppets, Inna Solomonik on The Artist’s Puppet Theatre, Georges Turaev The State Puppet Theatre of Fairy Tales, Penny Francis on The Present State of British Puppet Theatre, and Malcolm Knight on Scottish Puppet Theatre: The Reality Behind The Revival.

Puppet Theatre Production and Manipulation
A reprint of the 1958 classic text (Faber & Faber) by Miles Lee with biographical notes by Malcolm Knight. Published by Coad Canada Puppets, 1994. The Miles Lee Collection of Puppets and Marionettes is now housed at The Scottish Mask & Puppet Centre (inluding business archive and unpublished photographs and articles). Miles Lee founded the first permanent puppet theatre in twentieth century Britain at The Belgrave Mews in Edinburgh in 1951, and was a UNESCO advisor in Puppet Theatre to the Asian Theatre Institute in Delhi, India.

Putli The Magic Puppet
Designed and written by Francesca Ewart, former Education Officer of SMPC, in 1995. This book takes the form of a children’s story through transcultural visits to different cultures and is suitable for primary age. Published by SMPC.

Not The Punch and Judy Show!
Written by Gordon McRae (alias The Amazing Mr. Bones) who has been performing in Scotland since 1972. A guide to the pros and cons of Punch and Judy, sample performance text, and a guide for community organisations, with illustrations by Francesca Ewart. The first edition was launched on 9th May 2001 and is now out-of-print; and the second edition is currently in preparation for 2013.

The Magic of Masks & Puppets Exhibition Catalogue
A glossy A5 exhibition catalogue of our current Touring Exhibition to art galleries and museums in England, Wales and Scotland. The introduction is written by Mike Gonzalez, and is followed by a hard-hitting article called Mask and Puppet Theatre: Signs of The Past and Dreams of Tomorrow by Malcolm Knight.

This national touring exhibition contains masks and puppets from many parts of the world including Rajasthani and Orissa marionettes, Wayang Golek and Kulit from Java and Bali, and marionettes from China. Scotland is well represented with figures from contemporary companies (Purves Puppets, The Amazing Mr.Bones, Ian Turbitt, Clydebuilt, Sylvia Troon, Jack O’Lantern) alongside examples from Miles Lee, Harry Vernon’s Royal Punch and Judy, rod figures from Maskot PuppetTheatre. Their arefine examples of Ken Barnard’s work, figures from the Rostov State Puppet Company, Nepalese Masks, Commedia masks by Ninian Wilson, the animatronic Morag The Cow from Fully Booked and BabyDawn from the film Trainspotting by Grant Mason. Examples of student work from the HND Course in Puppet Theatre Arts are also on display together with information on the syllabus from Anniesland College.

Each exhibit has a photograph. The catalogue has been sponsored by the Department of Cultural and Leisure Services of Glasgow CityCouncil in partnership with Anniesland College, Skafos Design Ltd, and Praxsys Computers Ltd.

Printed by Petersen Publishers. Published by SMPC, Glasgow, 2001,p.36. ISBN: O-9540126-1-5. Available from SMPC. Price £5 (including postage and packing)..

The Tragical History of Jackson Pollock: Abstract Expressionist
Full-length feature film by Apostolos Doxiadis in association with Movie Makers International Ltd, Athens, February 1999. A transnational collaboration between artists from Greece, U.S.A. and Scotland featuring Karaghiozis puppeteers, live chamber orchestra, and actor-singers. An avant-garde text and specially-designed shadow figures by Doxiadis combine with DVD projection technology and a brilliant musical score by Dimitri Papadimitriou to pack a powerful punch. Featuring performances by Cora Bissett and Malcolm Knight. VHS format (70 minutes). Also available in DVD and published book format direct from Apostolos Doxiadis.

Malcolm Knight: Mask Man
An episode from the Treasures series broadcast by Channel 4 Television in December 2000 by Speakeasy Productions featuring the Mask Collection of Malcolm Knight. VHS (6 minutes).