Even to this day, and having been modelling portraits for so man, many years, when I see life beginning to emerge in a head I am modelling I am startled, excited and filled with some kind of fear. I tremble when under my fingers life begins to grow and flower. (Benno Schotz, Bronze in My Blood, 1981 p.142).

Every mask and puppet maker will understand these words. The Scottish Mask & Puppet Centre has been fortunate during its development to host many arts projects based on sculpture and sculptural forms.

Grant Mason FX has been resident at SMPC since 1991 and Grant who is a master sculptor and mould maker has been responsible for a continous plethora of projects for theatre, television and film companies. See

A brief roll call will suffice to illustrate the diversity of sculptural activity and  sculptural styles that have originated from within our production and design workshops.

Puppet-making  workshop facilities have been provided to the following artists: Bruce Chesse, Joko Susilo, Minty Donald, Jane Phillips, John Blundall, Simon Palmer, Ken Barnard, Shane Connolly, Puran Bhat, Katrina Caldwell and Kirsty McCarter. Mask-making workshop facilities have been provided to the following artists: Dr. David Griffiths, Ninian Kinnier-Wilson, John W.Harris, Nohzin Suzuki, Dr. Margaret Coldiron, Richard Williams, Adriano Iurissevich and Stephen Whinnery.

In 1997 Tiburcio Soteno and Family came from Mexico to create a Tree of Life for Glasgow Museum of Modern Art (GOMA) and with the support of Julian Spalding, Director of Glasgow Museums & Galleries we installed a large brick kiln into our mid store.

In 1998 Professor Boge Berg from Oslo was resident for eight weeks and led a series of classes with students engaged in our HND in Puppet Theatre Arts. During this residency we commissioned an original work from him called The Shaman that was sculpted first in clay and then cast in silicon and then plaster.

Between 2002-2010 Malcolm Knight was commissioned to make a series of Greek and Roman masks by the University of Glasgow and Kings College Visualisation Lab for two different projects: The Masks of Menander (funded by AHRB) and The Body and Mask in Ancient Theatre Space (funded by Arts & Humanities Research Council). See:

Masks Project

During 2009-10 Kate Robinson was sculptor-in-residence in our Mid Store during which she undertook a public art commission for Celtic Football Club to model footballer Jimmy Johnstone in bronze. (See