Marionettes of Barcelona

A reprint of the collection of writings, ideas and tips on the art of the marionette. Here are Harry Tozerís technical articles from The Puppet Master along with much previously unpublished material including scenarios from the repertoire of his company, 'Marionetas de Barcelona', designs for special joints, controls, stringing, and routines for several of his trick figures. The biographical section describes how this Englishman living in Spain began creating marionettes and founded a school of puppetry. Acclaimed and honoured internationally for his contribution to puppet knowledge through his writing and teaching, there cannot possibly be a contemporary marionettist anywhere in the world who has not been influenced in some direct or indirect way by this most generous man. Beginners in marionette construction will benefit from this book, although it is primarily intended as a reference for the experienced puppeteer. Fully illustrated with 128 A4 pages.

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