Permanent Exhibition

The Centre has a  permanent/standing exhibition in its foyer and cafe areas. The mask and puppet exhibits are drawn from our extensive collection materials and provide a rich and colourful intercultural background for visitors and friends alike. This exhibition changes as we rotate different items on public view from year to year.

At present we have on display a fine set of wayang golek (rod puppets) from the workshop of Asep Sunander Sunarya in Java; marionettes from The Miles Lee Collection  at the Belgrave Mews in Edinburgh (1951-1961); Punch & Judy figures from the Peat Family in Gorbals (1930-1967); marionettes and puppets from The Ken Barnard Collection; shadow puppets from Greece, Turkey, India, Java and Bali; classical string figures from Burma and Thailland; giant puppets and masks from The Caricature Theatre in Wales; Vietnamese water puppets; a selection of puppets from the childrens’ television programme Captain Abercromby; puppets by Grant Mason including Robo-Pigeon (The Singing Kettle) and Pussy Monster (Frankie Boyle’s Tramadol Nights);  early twentieth century marionettes from Hong Kong; Noh masks from the Nohzin-kai school in Kobe, Japan; Vietnamese water puppets; masks from Greek New Comedy  made by Malcolm Knight for the Rome Colliseum exhibition; papier-mache carnival masks from the 1920’s; and Bryan Clarke’s wonderful Punch & Judy designs for the Royal Mail.