The Magic of Masks and Puppets: Touring Exhibition For Hire

Masks, puppets and performing objects are one of the most ancient and popular forms of theatre. They can perhaps be best understood as a point of synthesis for all the arts, a unique combination of visual art, design, craft,dance, music, opera and drama. It is a vibrant living, breathing, subversive art form which plays a major role in modern theatre; and has developed unique applications into film, television and the media.. Read more…

Scottish Mask & Puppet Centre, Scotland’s primary venue, gallery, training centre and resource in this field has compiled a touring exhibition of masks and puppets. This exhibition chronicles the history of the world’s oldest theatrical tradition, and also displays its contemporary relevance.

Puppets have always had a mystery and a magic. This Exhibition captures that magic and makes it accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds.

This Exhibition has been touring to major museums and galleries in the UK and Ireland since 2000. “The most colourful and vibrant exhibition ever seen in Cork” (Stella Cherry, Curator, Cork Public Museum, 2005). It was also voted “best touring exhibition” by the people of Portsmouth in the Portsmouth News 2008 while showing at Portsmouth Musuem & Art Gallery.

Previous bookers also include: Highland Arts, Grimsby Fishing Heritage Centre, Forge Mill Needle Museum in Redditch, Kingston Museum & Art Gallery, Warringtion Museum, Stockport Story Museum, Salford Museum & Art Gallery, Banbury Museum & Lancaster City Museum.

The Magic of Masks & Puppets touring exhibition comprises fine examples:-

  • Shadow puppets from Java, Indonesia, Greece and Turkey
  • Giant ‘Russian doll’ puppets
  • Commedia dell’arte leather masks
  • Contemporary puppets from Scotlands leading companies
  • Puppet and Animatronics from film & television
  • Punch and Judy
  • Nepalese masks
  • Rajasthani marionettes
  • plus interactive glove and shadow stages and many more exhibits, prints and engravings

Information and Education
Video footage of puppet and mask performances and information on professional training are included within this Exhibition. Education workshops are also available by arrangement.

Hiring: Fee Details

£1250 – 4 weeks
£1650 – 6 weeks
£2000 – 8 weeks
£2500 – 10 weeks
£3000 – 12 weeks

Exhibition size: medium (min. space required is 40 sq m)
Additional setting-up fee, travel (van hire & fuel costs) plus accommodation costs.

Describing Your Input: 3 large costume size display cabinets and 3 smaller table top display cabinets plus dvd/video player & television monitor (optional)

Onward transport & insurance responsibility of the hirer
Availability: Now booking for 2012-13 onwards