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A collection of masks derived from theatre and performance traditions from around the world.  This exhibition includes a special display of tools used in Noh, Commedia and Topeng theatre, and the short documentary "Facing the Greek Mask".

Behind The Mask

Behind The Mask Touring Exhibition includes:

  • Topeng masks from Bali, Java and Lombock

  • Japanese Noh masks from Nohzin-Kai

  • Commedia Dell'Arte leather masks

  • Greek New Comedy Menander masks

  • Mexican dance masks and maquettes

  • Korean Tal'chum masks

  • Western actor training masks

  • Craft tools for Noh, Commedia and Topeng theatre

  • Short documentary "Facing the Greek Mask"

We recommend creating an interactive mask-making area for hands-on workshops.

The minimum space required for this exhibition is 30 square meters.

4 week hire:

6 week Hire:

8 week hire:

10 Week Hire:

12 Week hire:

There is an additional charge for exhibition installation, accommodation expenses and subsistence.  Onward transport and insurance is the responsibility of the hirer.

Fee Details






Now booking for 2019 onwards

Please contact Dr Malcolm Knight for more information and to check availability.

0141 339 6185 /

This exhibition has been hired by:


Banbury Museum, Oxford;  Cork Public Museum, Republic of Ireland;  The Haven Gallery, Boston;  The Ark: A Cultural Centre for Children, Dublin;  Tunbridge Wells Museum, Kent;  Hackney Museum, London;  Summerlee Industrial Museum, Glasgow;  Cannon Hall Museum, Barnsley;  Brading Roman Villa, Isle of Wight, where it received 16,300 visitors.

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