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Higher Education

SMPC offers a range of mask and puppet theatre training to universities, colleges and institutes of higher education.  We use various processes of making and using masks and puppets as vehicles for language and technology teaching, and we always aim to foster creative potential.  We are always aware of the ancient and popular traditions in other cultures and their multicultural importance. 

We offer:

  • group workshops based at our Centre

  • residencies of between 1 day to 2 weeks

  • pilot projects in mask & puppet storytelling

  • teacher training in idea development, production techniques & design styles

  • one-to-one consultation and advisory services

  • extensive library and audio-visual resources

  • mentoring through specific practical projects

  • book sales and handouts

We have trained students in the uses of puppets as educational tools at West of Scotland University, The University of Glasgow, The University of Strathclyde, City Technical College, Glasgow School of Art, The Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, North Lanarkshire College and Anniesland College.

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