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National Community Links

Welcome to our National Community Links page.  Here you will find links to our associated organisations, theatres and festivals of the UK Puppetry Community.  Use the colour coded key below.




Museums & Archives

British UNIMA

Punch & Judy Fellowship

British Puppet & Model Theatre Guild

Punch & Judy College

Punch & Judy Club

The Puppet Place

Puppet Centre Trust

Puppet Animation Scotland

Norwich Puppet Theatre

Horse & Bamboo Theatre

Harlequin Puppet Theatre

Puppeteers UK

Upfront Puppet Theatre

Cabaret Mechanical Theatre

The Puppet Barge

Beverley Puppet Festival

Buxton Puppet Festival

Newcastle Puppet Festival: Moving Parts

Tunbridge Wells Puppet Festival

SMPC MagiPup Festival

Skipton Puppet Festival

The National Puppetry Archive

The World Through Wooden Eyes

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