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Permanent Exhibition

Here at the Scottish Mask & Puppet Centre, we have a permanent mask and puppet exhibition which is drawn from our extensive collection materials, providing a rich and colourful intercultural background in our foyer and cafe for visitors and friends alike.

At present we have on display;

  • A fine set of Wayang Golek (rod puppets) from the workshop of Asep Sunander Sunarya in Java

  • Marionettes from The Miles Lee Collection at the Belgrave Mews in Edinburgh (1951-1961)

  • Punch & Judy figures from the Peat Family in Gorbals (1930-1967)

  • Marionettes and puppets from The Ken Barnard Collection

  • Shadow puppets from Greece, Turkey, India, Java and Bali

  • Classical string figures from Burma and Thailand

  • Giant puppets and masks from The Caricature Theatre in Wales

  • Vietnamese water puppets

  • A selection of Bunraku-style puppets from The Snow Queen made by John M.Blundall at The Midlands Arts Centre

  • Puppets by Grant Mason including Robo-Pigeon (The Singing Kettle) and Pussy Monster (Frankie Boyle’s Tramadol Nights)

  • Early twentieth-century marionettes from Hong Kong

  • A delightful hand puppet from China of General Wu Lie made by Yang Feng of the Longxi Puppet Troupe in Fujan Province

  • Noh masks and a Bunraku head from the Nohzin-kai school in Kobe, Japan

  • Hand puppet of Petrushka from the Obraztsov Workshop in Moscow

  • A nineteenth-century Arlecchino fairground puppet from Italy

  • Masks from Greek New Comedy made by Malcolm Knight for an exhibition on ancient theatre at the Rome Coliseum

  • Papier-mache carnival masks from the 1920s

  • A Czech marionette of Harry Potter

  • Bryan Clarke’s wonderful Punch & Judy designs for the Royal Mail

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