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Independent Centres

The  IFCPA (International Federation of Centres for Puppetry Arts) was founded in 1990 during the Congress of Documentation Centres at the 9th International Festival of Bilbao, Spain. The IFCPA is legally based in Amsterdam with a current secretariat in Bilbao and a presidency in Glasgow at the Scottish Mask & Puppet Centre.

Its stated aims are to create an active network between international, national and regional centres for puppetry arts throughout the world in order to:

  • exchange information, documentation and ideas

  • collaborate on joint projects

  • act as a central reference point and co-ordination body to stimulate and improve similar centres throughout the world


  • improving conditions and resources

  • intervening at governmental, national and local level

  • generating funds and practical support to maintain and sustain existing organisations and also to develop new organisations


  • the creation of an international database of puppet centres

  • an international directory of puppet centres

  • information on developments in different countries

  • publishing an international Festival Agenda

Our intention is: to establish and maintain direct links and network connections between centres in the interests of promoting international friendship and practical collaboration between centres.

Members of the IFCPA

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